Erbology - Organic Superfoods

Harvested with love. Supercharged with antioxidants. Erbology promotes positive impact and wellbeing through its organic superfruit and plant-based range of products. Launched in 2013 in London by two siblings, Irina and Victor, Erbology celebrates natural wellbeing with its organic range of superfoods.

Erbology’s mission is to create positive impact: on our body, mind, and the world we live in. This is why we carefully select ingredients with outstanding remedial and regenerating qualities and keep our products free from chemicals.

Erbology offers organic Sea Buckthorn juices, jams, and oils, virgin Milk Thistle oil and Amaranth oil.

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Organic. Wholesome. Delicious. Fall in love with our organic range of superfoods and nutritional supplements made from hand-picked, organically grown ingredients with unique remedial and regenerating qualities. Feel lively with our miraculous Sea Buckthorn treats. Feel splendid with our body-nourishing Milk Thistle oil. Our products are free from chemicals and artificial colours.


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